Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Project #4- Kid's Super capes (oh, and Princess, too!)

Last weekend my kids were invited to a birthday party for 2 sisters- our neighbors granddaughters, turning 2 and 5.

Birthday gifts for kids parties can be a little perplexing. I have no idea what toys these kids already have, or what they even like. But, I have one little gift up my sleeve that is always a winner with little kids. (Older kids, now? That is so hard, that lately we've resorted to just giving them money)
I started making these super capes when my older kids were little, using one my mother-n-law had bought as a pattern. For the boys I made them in blue, red, and black. They are reversible with a batman logo on one side, and Superman on the other. (In fact, my son would wear his everywhere we went, and people started asking about it; I started making them for people for $15 each*)
For the girls, I still make one side with the Super logo:

And the other side, I embroider with Princess and their name, and a felt crown. These are also reversible, and made in more girly colors.

Now, I am still counting this as something from my Project list, because I had never gotten around to making one for my youngest. So, while I was at it, I made one for her, too.
Look how excited she is!
*And I'll let you in on a little secret here. These are super cheap to make! 1 yard of fabric, a little velcro, and some felt squares. I think I estimated these to cost about $3.00 to make.
That worked out great too, because my budget is really tight this month after our Spring Break trip!


  1. Awesome! I should learn to make these! We have two of them in our house and they have been great successes! A few years back Scott wore his everyday, everywhere! He called it his Super Why cape! Awesome!

  2. I really should make Isaac a new one since his got lost. Eli needs one too. Man, if I keep reading your blog pretty soon I am going to have 40 unfinished projects around too.

  3. Can I order one for Caden? He wears Kenzie's all the time and I'm sure he'd like a more manly one.