Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finished Project #5- Quilt Block for Graduation Gift

Sometimes one of the deterents to getting things on our "to-do list" done, is when new projects come along that have to take priority.
I've decided to just count those ones along with the ones originally on my list!
Obviously this happened to me when I was asked to make a quilt block for a graduating senior from my church (I was actually just relieved that I wasn't asked to make the whole quilt!) Scorching the fabric that they gave me, finding the right fabric, and getting sick- not to mention that I had other projects going on, too- really slowed me down on something that should have been simple and quick!
But, here is it, and I am happy to be done!


  1. Good for you--you're getting projects done and that's impressive (hanging my head in shame since I still haven't touched my quilt!).

  2. Oh, sorry, this is Jessica:)