Friday, January 9, 2015

Halloween Projects (we'll call all these number 68)

 As I am trying to catch up on blog posts and projects I finished in 2014, I came across these pictures. I went to a craft day- which is like heaven to me, and made these Halloween signs. Have I ever mentioned that Halloween is my favorite holiday?
Cause it is. Me and Martha Stewart. We both like it the mostest.
 So, I am excited, because coming up at the end of January- here in a few weeks, my friend is hosting another craft day. It will be Valentined themed. I'm so excited I want to go eat pink and red forms of sugar! Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays too. It's in my top 5 list.
I hope to post those projects much sooner than I did these ones!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Another Pallet Project (Number 67) Go Cougars!

 So, after making the Texas flag/scripture pallet project , I decided that it was too much fun not to do another one. This time I had to tear apart the pallet myself (Ok, I had some help, but still...) and I learned why people stop making these things after just one. Oh, they are a BEAR to take apart!
But, so much fun to paint. This time I did a BYU one for my son's room. It was pretty easy. I was going to stain it a little, but I liked it how it was, so I left it.
We decided to just prop it up on top of his book shelf (these are also a bear to hang on the wall) and I think that's where it will stay.
And that reminds me... I still need to blog about the bookcase.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Pallet Art (project numba 66)

Some women from my church got together at someone's house recently for a craft day.
It. Was. Awesome.

I haven't been able to do so much since I have so many kids.
Just stating the obvious.

So, it was a blast getting my craft on. Especially at someone's else's house. I didn't have to get all the stuff ready or do much cleaning up. And I have such cool friends who were just happy to visit and hold my baby while I painted.

2 of my friends had gotten all the pallets ready ahead of time (I know, you wish you had friends like mine!)
The plan was to make a stylized American flag. Like these:

Of course, I can never follow directions, I had to do my own thing.

I had seen this great idea on pinterest of putting a scripture verse on it. I asked my son what his favorite scripture was.

"Luke 24"
"Which verse?"
"All of them. It's really good."

um... I just chose one I liked that was a lot shorter.  And he liked it too, so whew!

I also saw that this same person had nailed a metal star to a pallet and I liked how that looked too. I figured that if we could do an American flag, why not a Texas state flag (I'd already make my son a Texas flag quilt!)
But I was wanting to do turquoise, lime green, and orange instead of red, white, and navy blue.
So, this was what I came up with instead:

And I love it.

And I really want to do another craft day.
Like tomorrow.

 So... that's as far as I got on this post last summer, but today I am trying to wrap up all my 2014 projects that I didn't post about, so I'm happy to say that this is what it looks like now, hanging on my sons wall.

Hmm... I forgot to pull back and take a picture of the whole room. But you get the idea.