Friday, December 27, 2013

Lime Green and Red Christmas Stockings (#59)

12 years ago, I bought a set of 6 matching stockings. At the time, I planned on having more than 4 kids, but six was all they had. So, they lasted us a long time. 
But, last Christmas I knew would be our last time using them since I was pregnant with baby #5. So, I bought some coordinating red and lime green fabrics, and planned to have them finished LONG before Christmas season rolled around this year. 
As you know, this year ended up not being anything at all like I had planned. 
Needless to say, these stockings were NOT done by Christmas Season. In fact, I finished them on Christmas Eve at 7:00 pm.
Just in the Nick of time!
My 6 year old was so worried that Santa wouldn't have anything to put out gifts in!
I hurried and hung them on the "ice cream parlor" Then she was concerned that they weren't hung on the fireplace mantel.... Santa will understand. We have too many to fit there now!

 You can see our tree in the mirror there, we decided to put it in the front room because with the super tall ceilings would could get a really tall tree. Ours is 10 feet and it is beautiful. So, I liked that I had something to hang the stockings on in the same room!
 Here's a few close-ups. I quilted the fronts of them after blanket stitching on the toe and heels. I did each cuff a little different, mixing and matching fabrics and trims. I also made these bigger than our last ones, they were kinda small, and once they had an orange and apple in them, you couldn't fit anything else.
We also didn't have our own names embroidered on the previous stockings, so it was lots of fun to not have to guess whose was whose.
And here they are in the daylight:

And yes, I did notice that they match my lamp shades!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Satin Christmas Stockings (#58)

My husband and I have a lot of siblings.
A lot.
I am the 2nd of 7 kids.
He is the 2nd of 13 kids.
Yep, thirteen.
So, we don't give a gift to every single sibling, we do a gift exchange.
This year we had his younger brother who has 2 kids.
 I decided to make them stockings. I am also in the process of making a new set of stockings for my own family. For us, I am making them all out of cotton, and I am quilting them.
 But my sister-n-law is a little classier... and so I went in hunt of the right fabric for her. I loved this green:
 It reminded my of her wedding colors... which were pink, brown, and this green. (You can see the diaper cake I made in those colors here, and the quilt here)
 I thought that green, with the flowers and sequence might be too girly, so for the boys I found a satin red with fuzzy polka dots. I thought they coordinated ok when I added the ruffles in opposite colors.
I forgot how hard it is to work with this kind of fabric, and I am excited to be back working with cottons again! But over all I was happy with how they turned out! Kendra called yesterday to say that they had gotten them and that they were already hanging up!