Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some fun cupcakes

My son had his annual cub scout Blue and Gold Banquet a few weeks ago. Each of the boys was to make their own dessert. It was a contest, so we pulled out (stole from "Hello Cupcake") this great idea for spaghetti dinner and meatball cupcakes. Super easy. He could have done it all himself, if he wasn't such a busy kid, and trying to get out the door to soccer practice.
So, my 3-yr. old daughter helped me make the cupcakes, my son swirled all the "noodles" on with frosting, and then daughter helped me put on the candy "meatballs"
Wished I took better pictures so you could really see how much this looked like spaghetti and meatballs.

We grated on some Parmesaen cheese (white chocolate) and left the grater in case they wanted to add some more. There were 2 awards given. One went to the cub scout who made the whole dessert himself, the other went to my son.
He was thrilled.
This really is so easy you could just turn your kids loose on it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Project #19 #20 Valentine's day boxes

Remember how we said that kids projects would count? Well, I helped my daughter sew this bag for her Valentine's Day box. She did all the sewing herself and was so pleased with it...
Until she saw what her brother came up with...

He, of course, didn't want to do anything remotely similar to his sisters. (Cause that would be too easy for mom, right?)
So, eventually we came up with this idea. He is an avid reader, so his box involved a book you could open. Through the plastic, you can see the book covers from some of his favorite books that we copied and put inside. We decided it needed some light, so I found some battery operated tea lights in my junk drawer. They were left over from Halloween, so they glowed orange, but they did the job.
There was an opening at the top to drop Valentine cards into. We are saving this (it was originally going to be made into a pinata. and we built it all out of cardboard) so we can make it over into something for my daughter for next year.