Thursday, April 22, 2010

Find Your Sock Yarn- How to Tackle a Project

Today I was the guest writer over at Find Your Sock Yarn. Be sure to go over and check out my article about how I came to start this blog and take-on my unfinished project list! Then come back and leave me a comment about how you tackle your projects and to-do lists!


  1. I have a really creative way to finish projects. It's called "reverse psychology". I have been trying to get our kitchen and dining room remodeled and new floors (especially the floors) for years and my wife always puts it off. So this year I told everyone there was absolutely NO WAY she (my wife) was going to redo the kitchen, dining room, and floors. As I type this our floors are being finished (about 1/2 hour to go) and the cabinets are being installed next week. Of course, I didn't have to actually do the project myself, but I'm still taking credit.

  2. Bubba...That's a real stretch!

    Michelle...I'm proud of your projects. What I like the most about them is that they are real nice quality! and just perfect. I have lots of ideas for projects but...