Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Cake

I'm really lucky when it comes to holiday baking. My husbands co-worker (who also loves to cook) invites us over every holiday. It really gets me off the hook for cooking, especially during holiday busy time.
I did, however, want to practice my newly learned cake decorating skills. I wanted to practice the basket weave again. This time I did it in chocolate. It turned out great, and went even faster this time. I thought that the frosting was good, but next time I will probably try using melted chocolate instead of the cocoa powder.
As we were heading out the door, I wanted to take a picture of it. But then I noticed my husbands shoes were in the picture.
So I took another one:
This time I caught my daughter's shoe in it.
I guess with so many feet running through this house, it's bound to happen.
Here's a picture of that cute little 2 year old with her Easter Dress on (the sun hat was her own idea. Little girls are so fun!)

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  1. Forgot to mention that I doctored this cake up:
    I used a chocolate cake mix and added the zest of a lime, lemon, and orange. I had done this before with a white cake and wanted to try it on a chocolate one!
    Then I took juice from each of those citrus fruits and mixed it in the buttercream frosting.

    I prefer it with the white cake, but it was still so good!