Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thanksgiving Banner (project 64)

These days it seems like it's impossible to get any projects done. 
im. poss. ible.
BUT, once in awhile a miracle happens and I actually begin and finish and project.
This time, it even happened all on the same day.

It started when I went to play group. It was an unusual day for west Texas. 
It was raining.
Just a little bit, but it gave us a chance to use our new umbrellas. (at least for something besides shade) I was surprised to arrive at the park and not find a single other person.
No one else from our really large group was there.
I thought it was good to let my kids experience rain, especially since we hardly ever get any.
I can't imagine a childhood where you never get wet playing in the rain.
I must be the only mom who feels that way.
After about a half an hour, I got a text from one of the mom's saying that due to the weather, we would have playgroup at her house.
So, I went there and there was only her and one other mom. We let the kids play, and I noticed that she had this really cute thanksgiving banner hanging up. 
I looked at it closer and realized that it was all made out of paper. 
Holiday paper. Tied together with jute, and various fall colored ribbons tied in between. 
I realized that I had all the supplies for it at home. I had even contemplated throwing out all my holiday paper the week before since I know I'll never actually finish another scrapbook in my lifetime.
So, I threw the idea at the other moms, ran home and got all my supplies and and we made these banners while the kids played.
Best. Playgroup. Ever.
These aren't very good pictures, but I'd never post anything if I had to have good pictures first.
A close up. I even used my fancy scissors and inker for the edges. It's nice to actually use some of these supplies I've held onto... just waiting for a rainy day...

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