Friday, November 28, 2014

Bride and Groom Stockings (project 65)

In the sibling gift exchange for my husbands side of the family, we got the name of his brother who just got married this summer. So, I made these stockings for them.
I'm totally loving them, and there is even a part of me (a very, very small part) that thinks a Christmas wedding would be so fun. 
 The groom stocking was a little more work, you can almost see the lapel in the photo below. If I ever make another one, I might not choose velvet. There were some things I loved about velvet, and some things I didn't. It was a first time sewing with it for me.
 It was perfect looking lying on my table, but I wasn't loving the way it hung. But who cares, no one's looking at the groom, right? They're just looking at the bride! And she turned out beautiful!!

(P.S. I'm scheduling this to post after Thanksgiving, so hopefully they will have opened them by then and I can tell you their reaction)
Also, I made some stockings last year that you can see here and some other ones here.

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