Monday, November 17, 2014

Purple Owl themed baby girl Shower

I threw a double baby shower for two friends having babies at right about the same time! Although one of them decided to wait until the birth to find out what she was having, they both ended up having girls.
So, I think the shower theme was totally appropriate!
I cheated by buying the printable stuff on Etsy, and it was worth it! So cute, and so easily pulls everything together!
With the purple theme, I did grape kool Aid mixed with Sprite, but it was the water bottles that were the most popular. The labels for those were so cute!

We had a luncheon, so there were a lot of lunch foods. One of the mothers-to-be can't eat gluten, so most of the crackers, cupcakes, cookies, etc. were gluten free.
But not these cute owl cake pops!... A friend made these and they turned out absolutely beautiful!!
I also had jars of purple candy, kind of like a candy bar, but it was on the same table as all the rest of the food.
I made purple cotton candy and put them in snow cone holders. I had found these cool egg holders in the Easter clearance and since they were purple, they worked perfectly for the party!

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  1. oh my gosh, the owl pops are fabulous and the purple cotton candy you made is so good with the theme!