Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Ready To Pop" pink baby shower

A good friend of mine had a surprise pregnancy... at 41!
She had not saved any babies items from her other 2 kids, so of course, she needed a baby shower!
I was happy to throw it for her, and even happier to have a lot of help!

 A friend from her work had given her a "baby shower in a basket" kit as a gift. She handed it over to me, and I used it! It gave me a perfect theme to do- pink, and "ready to pop!" (that's what the pendant banner says, but it's a little hard to read...)
The kit included crepe paper, so I was trying to think of a creative way to use it.
I had taken my kids to a birthday party earlier in the week, and the mom had used multiple colors of crepe paper in a rainbow pattern like this, so I decided to alternate the light pink and dark pink.
 I loved how it turned out and will definitely do it again. It helps to cover the mirror, which I like. If it was February instead of October, I would have left it up. I did the balloons to go with the "pop" theme.
 Also carrying over the "pop" theme, we did a popcorn bar. I know two of those are empty- I took the pictures before the person bringing them arrived. They were really pretty pink colored pop corn.

(please ignore the staples, I was finishing it the night before... and I was tired!)

Since we did pink lemonaide in the drink dispenser, these were used as prizes for the games.

 Someone also brought a cake that went in the center... I hope someone remembered to take a picture of it!
 I somehow didn't get any pictures of the other room where we ate dinner. We had a few crockpots of soup, rolls, and salad, and all ate around my newly refinished kitchen table (post coming soon) and outside since it was so nice.
I made a cute diaper cake for the center piece... too bad y'all don't get to see it!


I was so glad when someone suggested taking a big group picture! What a fun memory!

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