Thursday, December 12, 2013

Satin Christmas Stockings (#58)

My husband and I have a lot of siblings.
A lot.
I am the 2nd of 7 kids.
He is the 2nd of 13 kids.
Yep, thirteen.
So, we don't give a gift to every single sibling, we do a gift exchange.
This year we had his younger brother who has 2 kids.
 I decided to make them stockings. I am also in the process of making a new set of stockings for my own family. For us, I am making them all out of cotton, and I am quilting them.
 But my sister-n-law is a little classier... and so I went in hunt of the right fabric for her. I loved this green:
 It reminded my of her wedding colors... which were pink, brown, and this green. (You can see the diaper cake I made in those colors here, and the quilt here)
 I thought that green, with the flowers and sequence might be too girly, so for the boys I found a satin red with fuzzy polka dots. I thought they coordinated ok when I added the ruffles in opposite colors.
I forgot how hard it is to work with this kind of fabric, and I am excited to be back working with cottons again! But over all I was happy with how they turned out! Kendra called yesterday to say that they had gotten them and that they were already hanging up!

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  1. Ben wanted me to make stockings. Way out of my ability. Bought them for 4.00 each.