Sunday, June 22, 2014

Front Door Makeover (project 63)

On Memorial Day my husband took my oldest 4 kids camping. I stayed home with the baby. Because a 13 month old is a nightmare on a camping trip!
So, I took advantage of it, and got a lot done here!
I finally pained my front door.
I've had the paint since last summer...
when I went to visit my brother and he and his wife had painted all the doors to their house and shed this awesome color of blue! they gave me the rest of their paint!
So, I've been planning on it for awhile, and finally had a day without kids running in and out the door so I could do it!
Here's the before:

It seems like taping and prepping take the most time.

I put this primer that is for dark paint on. Something was seriously wrong with it. It was way too runny and thin and caused more problems than anything.
But, I love how it turned out. I just can't seem to get a good picture of it because we have way. too. much. sunshine here.
 Well, my husband didn't like it. But I do. I think it needs some more bright colors out there with it. Maybe some bright colored pots with bright flowers.
Maybe it will grow on him. After all, it does make our house quite different from all the other beige blahs in our neighborhood, and he is always complaining about having a house the same as everyone else's.

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