Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Love Sac Cover (project 62)

While in Utah for a family wedding, I got to hang out with my sister-n-law and my sister. SIL wanted to make a cover for her Love Sac (which is a giant bean bag. Except that it's not filled with beans. It's filled with shredded foam... very comfy) You can see the Love Sac in the background. It had morphed into a shapeless blob. She wanted to make a cover for it that would give it more structure and shape.
 Buying a Love Sac cover costs about $300. She had seen an idea on a blog where you could sew a big tube and then circles on the end- like a giant bolster pillow- for a lot, lot less. So she bought $50 worth of fabric instead, and we got to work figuring it out.
 Once we figured out the circumference of the sack (after measuring it and taking off about 12-15" that we wanted to "squish" it) we dusted off our old Algebra skills to figure out the diameter the circles needed to be. (you can see her cutting out the circles in the pictures above.) And by dusted off, I mean, we googled the answer...
 She sewed the tube, and we tried it on for size.
 Which was a difficult and somehow hilarious process...
which is why we are laughing our guts out!
 Then we unpicked it so we could sew velcro along the whole opening, because we (wisely) decided that would be the easier way to get it on and off. (Because it is highly likely that it will need to be washed at some future date. And/or she will want to sew a different one to change up her decor with the changing seasons... at least, that's what my sister- the photographer not pictured thinks)
Oh, we were so wise. Stuffing it in was a 4 person job. Which meant no one could take pictures of it!
Oh, and we also sewed the circles on the ends. Which had to be eased in, which just goes to show that algebra is not a perfect science.
 But we got it on- and BAM! shape, structure, less blob-like, and stylish fabric focal point of the TV room.
So of course we high-fived each other for a job well done!
 And then we tested it!

 And then we let my brother and 2 of my daughters test it out!
 And in the midst of it all, my nephew never missed a beat on the video game he was playing!
AND, just in case she does decide to make another one, since this turned out so fun and awesome- here are the dimensions- so we don't have to repress our creativity with any more math and algebra!:
Radius: 21"
Diameter: 42"
Circumference: 132" (but do a little more so plenty of overlap for velcro and hem)
Width: 59"
But, before you forget, put in the comments how many yards of fabric you bought- because it was the perfect amount.


  1. I bought 7 yards. Thanks for the help and the motivation. It may have taken me another year to get it done without you.

  2. You didn't mention that the whole project was finished in one day!

  3. So you think I can use this tutorial to make a love sack rather than just a cover?

    1. I wouldn't see why not!
      You just need an interior and exterior cover.