Monday, October 29, 2012

Project #40!!!! Hutch Makeover

If you read back to my post about staining my furniture you'll recall that I have a lot of this light pine that I wanted to re-do. I started with the end tables and hutch, and I'm happy to report that I finished them the last weekend in April, and moved them into my house!!!
Then my camera died so I couldn't take any more pictures...

....skip ahead 6 months... I have a camera now, and I looked through and saw this draft and realized that this post never got finished... because um,... oops.
So, the hutch has been in the house all summer. It just got moved again so we could put the newly done entertainment center in.
I did this one all by myself, and am super happy with it!!
Ok, I know this looks kinda sad, because it needs to be accesorized. I think you would be more impressed if I could put a before picture right next to it. But those are on my old computer. It's taken me awhile to switch to new camera and new computer....
I think I'm what they should call an apologetic blogger. It's a new term I just came up with.
This picture shows you the inside which did not get stained, so it shoudl give you a little bit of an idea of what the before looked like.

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