Thursday, October 25, 2012


So I guess I'm on a candy corn streak. (You can see the candy corn cupcakes here)
I needed another treat for something, and I had a lot of rice crispies and marshmallows on hand. I was supposed to make part of my oldest daughters cake with fondant and rice crispy treats... I didn't feel well, and that part of the cake didn't happen.
So, I made a double batch of regular rice crispy treats, and after the marshmallows and butter were melted, and just before I poured it over the cereal, I added orange food coloring.
My 5 year old helped with this.
After they cooled, I cut them into triangle shaped pieces, and moved them to parchment paper.
then I melted some yellow chocolate I had on hand and dipped the big end into it. It used a lot more than I thought it would, and I ran out. So, I did the rest in milk chocolate. Those looked cute too, and tasted good. We called those ones Indian corn.
Then I dipped the other end in white chocolate. I say dipped, but it was more like I spread it on there with a spoon.
Then I put them in bags with a few candy corn pieces, tied a cute bow and a card with it...
I think they turned out really cute... except that I don't like these bags from Dollar Tree cause they have printing all over them. It really detracts from the cuteness factor. Plus, I don't want anyone thinking the treat was made in China. Cause it wasn't. It was made right here in my kitchen in Texas!
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