Monday, October 22, 2012

My quick Home Made Pinata

So a few years ago, my son and I made this Valentine's Day box. You can read about it here. I think he used it 2 years in a row, to take to school and have the other kids drop their valentine's for him in the slot on top.
It has been in the garage, and I knew my husband was about to clean out the garage again. I knew it wouldn't survive the purging. Plus, my oldest daughter told me (after I had bought everything and spent the budget- of course) that she also wanted a pinata at her birthday party. So, I decided to turn this into one. My baby had lots of fun filling it with candy. ("I help. I help!!")
I even decided to get her dressed for the picture!
My daughter was having a "Spa party" complete with mud mask facials, pedicure, and manicures... I wasn't sure how a pinata would fit into that theme.
At least I could make it match the color scheme...
so I wrapped it in green wrapping paper, stapled tissue paper on the back around the edges, and ebmellised it in aqua blue, and even matched the writing from the invitations.
They loved it...
More party details coming later...

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  1. That is such a clever idea! I love how yours turned out too! My hubby's 40th birthda is coming up and it would be fun for the adults to have a pinata at the party.....thanks for just gave me a ton of ideas! :)

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos