Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brand New Furniture for the price of a can of Stain

note: Gonna call the 1st end table project #37...

So we have this pine furniture that we bought almost 12 years ago. We loved it. So much that we bought: a hutch, a TV Ar moire, 2 side bookcases for it, 2 end table, and a book case. All matching, in the same light colored pine. It's been completely functional, and we've loved it. Until we moved into this house, and it just wasn't working anymore.
It was better after we got rid of our old couches, but still wasn't working.
We even moved the hutch to the garage, and considered selling it on Craig's List. Then I saw on someone's blog that they had a front door to their house that looked just like our furniture, and they had stained it a dark espresso color. It looked awesome. I showed the pictures to my husband, and we decided that it would be worth trying. So, I decided to try it on one of the end tables. They were the smallest, cheapest, and most expendable, in case it didn't work...
And although my photos are terrible, it did work, and it looks awesome! So, I am now in the process of doing the other end table and the hutch, and we are planning on doing it to all of the furniture- so stayed tuned as I reveal the before and after photos on all of those.
I'm even considering doing the dining room table.
I am trying to figure out the best protective finish to put on them. I'm going to try Minwax finishing paste, that's what another furniture blogger recommended, but I know I'll need something more heavy duty for the table- something that will hold up to daily spills, water, etc. What do you recommend?


  1. You must share your technique! I have a pine bed (bought about 12 years ago too) and have been toying with the idea of getting rid of it, but I love the espresso stain! Maybe I can keep it afterall. Did you have to sand it?

    1. Yes, I had to sand it, and I used Rustoleum stain in the color Kona. I tried dark Walnut, because other bloggers had used it and it just was not dark enough. The stain is so cheap, it would be worth trying on your bed post. You can choose how much of it to wipe off after you let the stain set about 10 minutes (probably longer where you are in a cooler climate) depending on how much wood grain you want to show. I think it can still look rustic, but definitely more sophisticated- if that makes sense.
      But, I definitely recommend getting an electric sander if you don't have one. it will save you hours of sanding, and they are only about $50.

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