Thursday, January 26, 2012

2011 Project Wrap-up

Before I start making my lists of all the projects I want to get done in 2012 (I know, you all already did that- I'm a little slow...)
I thought I should hurry and post a few projects that I actually finished in 2011, and just hadn't gotten around to posting.
So, my new couch came with these pillows that I thought were hideous:
So I made new ones: I actually used the old pillows as inserts for the new ones. The big one in the middle has cording piping around it. I was kinda proud of myself for figuring that one out.
(Project #35)

I also finished this Roman Shade window/door covering for my daughter's room. (Project #36) The lucky girl has her own balcony, but the builder did not include the doors when we got blinds put in through out the house.
She wanted orange. I had a hard time with that until we found this pretty fabric. You can't see in the picture, but it actually has little sparkles all over it. I thought if I gathered it for some rousing, (or is it ruching?) it would look like a fancy dress. Much more feminine than all the other orange fabric she was trying to talk me into.
I lined it with black-out fabric for privacy, and so her room won't bake in our hot sunshine.
Confession: I pulled the strings up to take a picture of the shade when it is up. I broke the string. I haven't told my daughter yet. I will fix it when I get around to making a coordinating window treatment for the other window in her room.

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  1. Only you can make something like orange look pretty!