Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nursing Cover- Project #31

So 2012 is well upon us, and I am still scrambling to finish posting all of my 2011 projects. That's actually probably a good thing- it means I got some stuff done!!!
So, just before Christmas I made this gift for my expectant sister-n-law (doesn't expectant sound more sophisticated than pregnant?
I had made one for myself about a year ago, but never really loved the fabric that I chose. That can be a big issue, because it really becomes part of your daily apparel. So, this time around I chose a much better fabric.

I did the strap in a coordinating fabric. Just to made it more interesting. Making these nursing covers was the first time I ever used corset boning. That stuff is cool. I think there's a lot you can do with it.
I also added a ruffle to the bottom (I'm really hoping she gets a girl- that's part of why we're going all frilly- but if not, she's the one wearing it, right?)
Oh, and I added a pocket to the inside, so she can put nursing pads, pacifiers, loose change, whatever she wants in it.
And since I have an embroidery machine- I sort of have this rule- everything gets a name. Ya, it didn't need it, it's just my rule.

Confession: I was hurrying to finish this and get it in the mail so it would get there by Christmas. I couldn't find the camera, so I asked my sis-n-law to take pictures. Glad I did because she is such a better photographer than I am!
PLUS- I get a cute picture of my adorable nephew wearing it!!!
Oh, ya, and I sewed him a little batman/superman cape (with name- of course), so let's call that Project #32!


  1. I just got online to send you these pictures, but it looks like I already did. Thank you so much for making it for me. I am anxious to be so stylin' while I use it!

  2. So cute! It look nice and big, which is nice.