Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lockers Project #34

Before the Big Move last year, we had been searching for a new dresser for my son. An evening spent at all 5 of the furniture stores in the town we lived showed us that:
1. There was no dresser for sale for less than $500.
2. All the dressers for sale were cheap, with hard to open drawers.
3. We didn't see 1 dresser for sale made out of real wood.
4. Maybe we didn't really want a new dresser after all?

Then I talked to my friend, Aubrey, about it, and she had seen pictures on a blog of a locker in a boys bedroom.

hmmm... a locker? I started calling 2nd hand stores, and was sent to the flea market. By word of mouth, I found a guy who said he had some in a storage unit. He said if I came back that Saturday, he'd have some.

Well, they were pretty beat-up, with lots of spider webs. But, I wouldn't be a project-a-holic if I wasn't cursed with that ability to see the potential in something like that. $30 for a section with 6 lockers. I had to at least try.

Then I got pregnant, we moved, blah, blah, blah....

My husband finally painted them when he had some time off. We bought a paint zoom paint sprayer, and he loved it. Can't wait to try it on some other projects.
I'm really disappointed that I can't find the before pictures. They were bad. Picture that weird not-quite-brown, but not-quite-gray color with lots of rust.

We moved it into the hallway, and since I don't have a mud room, this is where everyone gets to hang their backpacks, jackets, and keep their soccer and dance gear. It's great.

Colors: black and Valspar Martian Green. It probably glows in the dark, but I haven't tried that out yet. I think if you're doing something metal- go with a bold color.

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