Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Zebra and Pink Baby Shower

So last weekend, I threw a baby shower for my friend who is having a little girl. It was so fun to do, not only because she is my good friend, but because the theme of this shower was so fun! It was just Zebra Print and Pink.
I was going to do a Peter Pan theme, since she loves that, but no ideas were coming to me. None. I have to have ideas. I can't throw these kind of things together at the last minute. Some people have that gift.
Not me.
I mull it around in my brain for a long time. (there's my confession)
Since I joined Pinterest, I even had a board I was pinning ideas to. What did I ever do before Pinterest?
So, after she sewed a Zebra print Boppy cover, and I noticed that her cell phone was Zebra Print, I thought, hmmm...
So, here is the invitation:

I made a Diaper Cake, which was so much fun to make:
I think this one might be my most favorite one that I've made! (I may have said that last time, too) With all the fun zebra print ribbons, I thought the feathers would be the perfect topper. I realize that they are not a baby item that she can use. But I couldn't resist.
I also noticed lots of pink beaded necklaces in my daughters dress-ups, so I added a few. A friend commented that it looked very "Marti Gra" ... well, it was that time of year, and we did just get back from New Orleans, so there's a chance some of that crept into this. But, lest you think it's all just bling- there were 95 size 2 dipaers, and 20 size 1, All the flowers have hair clips, so baby can wear them, there are two cans of formula in the center, and the very top tier has three headbands wrapped around it for baby to wear. Also, my friend is going to (eventually) use all the ribbons to make a ribbon board to hold all her hair accessories. Oh, and the bottom is a pizza pan- which mommy can bring to me anytime, and I will make her a homemade pizza- call it a bonus gift!
The front room was decorated with not only her diaper cake, but a clothes line of zebra print clothes for the baby!
I loved the little leggings the most! I found all of this at Hobby Lobby, but then, I had to make it personal for Baby Beverlie
So the pink onsie got a big "B", the hat, bib, and zebra onsie got her name embroidered on it.
As guests came in the front door, there was a basket of diapers for them to write messages on:
I think I enjoyed this the most (I may or may not have gotten a little carried away with my messages as the party wore on)

I also got the idea from Pinterest to use a baby changer for display (they used it to put cake and desserts on) I was planning on making cotton candy favor bags for all of the guests, but the night I planned on that, I ended up in the ER with my first kidney stone (and let's pray it's also my last) I still think it would have been really cute. Maybe another time.

The Food:
was obviously breakfast foods, since we were having a brunch. I'll let the pictures tell you what we ate. Except for the quiche was still coming out of the oven, so it's missing from the pictures I snapped.
Did you notice that big thing in the middle?
That was the Belly Cake

I know, the resemblance was just uncanny... especially since the mommy showed up in Zebra print!
The front room was all about Baby, but this part was all about mommy
(I love that she didn't hesitate to dive in!)
And here is one more shot with Daddy to be, who came to help her get home (she couldn't reach the petals at this point, so she couldn't drive!)


  1. I had a great time. The food was amazing and the company was even better. Good job.

  2. Wow, what a spread. I can't believe you pulled all that off with kidney stones.

  3. SO wish I could have made it, it looked fabulous! Great job as always!!!

  4. Dear Heather: Told you cake and chocolate covered strawberries were breakfast food.

  5. Good grief, that was a lot of work to post a comment, sign out as Heather, sign in as me, word verification, I'm exhausted!

  6. Wow Michelle! Amazing!!! you are so talented. Lucky friend to have you do this for her. Sorry about your kidney stones.

  7. Wow Michelle! I don't know how you do it. It was a lot of fun seeing you at TOFW. Keep up the blog, so I can keep in touch with you. Maybe someday I'll get with the program.

  8. You are the most amazing person I know. How is it we are related again, because I'm not see any of that over here...

  9. I am in love with your party! Especially how you carried your theme through all of the details (noticed the zebra strawberries). Thanks for sharing it on my link party. I have featured it here.
    Excited to be following your blog.

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