Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's DONE!!! It's Finally Done!!! (#24) The Wedding Quilt

I really had moments when I thought this quilt would never get finished! I started this in about January or February of 2010. Not long after my brother-n-law became engaged. The bride to be wanted the quilt in her wedding colors. The little quilt shop in the little town where I lived didn't have anything that would work. We drove 3 1/2 hours away and by sending pictures from the phone's camera, I got the approval on these fabrics. Not the most ideal way to pick out fabrics...
But, I got off to a good start. My life is always a little crazy, but I became completely sidelined and the quilt came to an abrupt stop when I became pregnant.
You see, I have severe morning sickness. Those of you who have experienced that need no further explanations. The quilt was just not going to get finished in time for the wedding.
It was a miracle that I even showed up at the wedding.
Then my pregnancy progressed, we put our house up for sale (which is so much work, it is the equivalent of finishing 25 quilts!), moved into a hotel for a month, then into a new house. Then I had the baby...
Finally, when the baby was about 4 months old, I got the quilt out and finally finished it...
Just in time for the happy couple's 1st anniversary... and baby shower...
Yep, that's when I finally gave it to her.

It took a lot longer than I thought it would- pregnancy or no- I decided to do all the quilting myself, with a new pattern that I had never done on a quilt this big before. But I love the quilting on it, it's my favorite part.
It had some fun applique flowers on it, too, and some crazy patches.
Here is the happy couple with the quilt. (It is draped over my MIL's California King bed- the quilt is actually a generous Queen)
I also embroidered their names... I was going to put their wedding date, but that might imply that the quilt was done then, and I don't want to mislead anyone...

And one last shot from the balcony looking down. I love this quilt, but I'm super happy to have it out of my sight at last!


  1. This is so beautiful--I would wait thirty anniversaries for something like this (It would take me 50 to do it myself) Thanks for sharing--what a talented lady!

  2. Holy cow! This is AMAZING. What a work of art. I bet she will treasure that forever!