Monday, November 4, 2013

Minion Trick-or-Treat Bags (#57)

 This year for Halloween, most of us went as Minions from the Movie "Despicable Me 2" I Made these treat bags for my little girls:

I used warm and natural batting to make them stiff so that they would stand up, and when they set them down on the ground, all their candy didn't spill out...

I appliqued the eye ball(s) and embroidered their names.
 Then I lined the inside with orange fabric.
I was happy with how they turned out, and so were my girls!
P.S. I also made the skirts... but a friend made the hats for me.
And now for the part where I confess (If you just came to see the bags, you can skip all this part!)
So, I have 5 kids. That's a lot. 
a. lot. 
And my house is too small. We've been trying to buy a bigger one, but that just hasn't worked out, but that's another story. Point is: Since we don't fit in our house, something has to give! So, we looked in the garage, and through the house to see what stuff we could give rid of. This is a hard process. 
Especially for me. But I am not a hoarder! wait! Are you throwing that away?!!? Nope, not at all.
But, I did spot out 6 huge boxes and totes full of costumes. 
Yep, SIX!
(Actually there were seven, plus a bag, but I didn't see those until today when I was putting the boxes of Halloween stuff back into the hoarders den garage)
I don't repeat costumes very often, so I decided that I could narrow that down to 1-2 boxes (which I did! But that is another story!)
So, as I was downsizing costumes, and Halloween decorations, and everything thing else, which I've already decided is going to be a long hard process, I got to those jack-o-lantern treat buckets. You know the ones. They are iconic trick-or-treat loot holders.
But they take up a lot of space in storage, they don't flatten down, and don't stack inside each other.
So, I gave them away when I was giving away costumes.
And that's when i decided to make these treat bags. Because they match their adorable costumes, and they will flatten down and store easily. And I decided that even though they are minions, they are "Halloweenish" enough to use every year.
And your reward, for reading this far?
You get to see my adorable baby in his yellow minion costume!
And one more thought while I'm confessing: As I was putting my now reduced boxes of costumes and Halloween stuff back into the garage, I started eyeing my boxes of Easter decorations... and especially the Easter Baskets, which also don't flatten or stack inside of each other, and I think I'm going to say good-bye to those and make a squattier, fatter version of these treat bags to be our Easter baskets... then they could each have the kids names on them, and be personalized, and- best part- not take up so much room in the garage!


  1. Love it! I had the exact same thought this year! These buckets take up too much room. I was thinking it would be great to make bags like these, except I don't know how...yikes! Once bucket broke so that was easy to get rid of.

    1. If only I had your name for Christmas this year!