Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Personalized Pendant Banner and Pillowcase (#55 & #56)

Here is the Pendant Banner with my little guy's name on it! 

I made it using fabrics that I already had on hand. Below is a picture of the process- a little bit- I should have taken it sooner, because I wanted to show the process of how I decided to do it, by laying out the fabrics, threads, etc.

 I did some letters applique and some are embroidered, all of them are in different fonts.

See that rocking chair? I want to paint it the color of the quilt hanging over it! won't that be fun? BTW the quilt was my husbands when he was a baby, isn't it funny how things come back around? Lime green and ric rac? Totally in again!

Confession:  I hung it on the crib to take a pic of the backside (all done in the turquoise polka dot) and realized there should have been 6 pendants... yep, I totally left one off!

Now, I realize that I don't do tutorials (c'mon, I have 5 kids, I'm lucky if I ever have time to take a shower!)  But I do give tips!!!

TIP: First of all, I didn't come up with this idea myself, I saw it years ago, before Pinterest, so I can't even give this person credit or link you back to their blog... sorry.
But, you know how when you buy a set of sheets at Target, they come packaged in a little packet made out of the same material? Don't throw those away! Use them for a pendant banner, and it will automatically match the bedding! (That's what the "A" above is sewn onto)
 And here is the pillow case I also made:
 It's also made from the crib sheet packet and scraps I had in the color scheme.
I remember Vern Yip saying that he didn't really like to do Theme Rooms except in kids bedrooms (I think he said that while doing a transportation themed kids room on Trading Spaces- the one where he had a train going all around the room- it was cool!)
And I completely agree- kids rooms are a great place to do themes... but I admit, I'm very hesitant to do that. Why? Cause kids grow up so fast, and even if you have the money to be redoing their room all the time, it's still a lot of time and work. I think I prefer to do color schemes instead of themes because they grow with the child a lot easier and give you more flexibility.
You can see my oldest son's rooms color scheme here. It is classic red and navy. I made his first quilt when he was 3, and he's still using it (he's almost 13!)
So, for this little boy, I chose turquoise and lime green with pops of orange, black, and white. I think it should grow with him too.
Oh, and one more adorable picture- wait for it, wait for it...

Aww, every mother knows there's nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.


  1. WHAT??!!! Paint the rocking chair? Do you not realize that I SLAVED over that thing for days and days many years ago, hand staining and sanding? COME ON, don't do that to my heirloom. Your mother says to get over it.....I'll try.