Sunday, February 3, 2013

Texas Flag Quilt- Project number 47

I bought the fabric for this last June, before I knew I would be spending half my summer on a 6,000+ mile road trip, and the other half of the summer recovering from the road trip.
Then the day before school started, I found out I was pregnant... so this quilt got put on the back burner right behind my throw-up bucket until I felt well enough to really get going on it.
Over Christmas break, when my husband was home a lot to make trips to Red Box and push play to watch the kids, I finally got to it.
It's a pretty simple quilt, since I was doing the Texas flag, I didn't even use a pattern. Just figured out how big I wanted it and added the borders...

I had made this other quilt for my son- get this: 9 Years ago!!!

Ya, I know, it's held up well. I wouldn't even believe it was that old, but I did put a label on it... 2004 it says!
And believe me, it's been washed A LOT! If you look close, you can see that it is starting to wear out... but it does make me glad I used good fabric and thread.

So, about a year ago we bought a bunk bed for my son's room. Not that he needed it, but we thought it would be nice to have for quests. You can never have too many extra beds when you and your husband both come from big families...

so I kept debating whether or not to make 2 new matching quilts, or to try and make one to match the quilt he already had.... I didn't have fabric requirements for the log cabin quilt, and didn't want to risk not buying enough, or to spend extra $$ buying too much (especially since you all know that I have a closet full of fabric already...)

So I decided that I could just make one in red, white, and blue, and it would be close enough until I was ambitious enough to make 2 new ones.

At a friend's house, I saw a Texas Flag quilt that her mother had made.
That was it! It would be perfect, especially since we live in Texas!!!

But I still haven't told you the best part about this quilt:
I have a friend that just moved here about 8 months ago. She. has. a. long. armed. quilting. machine. THAT. SHE. RENTS!!!

Yes, After it was pieced, I went to her house, she taught me how to use it, thread it, wind the bobbin, and we even did a little practice quilt for about 3 hours, and she only charged $20 for the instruction.
Then, she helped me load my quilt, backing, and batting onto the machine, and it only took me 1 hour 45 minutes to quilt it! And I did it all myself!!! She charged me $10 and hour to use the machine. Awesome deal   for those of us to will never don't currently have the money or the space for a long-armed quilting machine, but who still want to quilt our own quilts!!!

I decided to quilt the shape of the state of Texas into the star... I like how it turned out.

 You'll notice that the backing from the first quilt (9 years ago) is the same that I used on the outer border.
I made this pillow sham to go with the other quilt. It has gotten more worn out than the quilt... I've decided to make a pillow sham to match to new quilt as well.
And here's one more shot of it on the bed: 
 So, I'm super motivated now to get some more quilts ready to go!!


  1. I love it! It turned out awesome! Miss you guys!

  2. I love it. Makes me miss Texas!

  3. How on earth did you make the star. I am wanting to do for my friend. We also live in TX.