Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dress Adjustments (#49)

 yes, this totally counts as a project, since it took me 2/3 of my pregnancy to finish! I have worn this dress for 2 other pregnancies- it's my favorite. And I swear, I have not grown any taller, but when I got this out to wear it 6 months ago, at the beginning of my pregnancy... it felt too short. Especially when I would sit down. So, I thought and thought of a solution, and decided to add a ruffle to the bottom. It would have been impossible to match the green, so I went with a little bit of brown knit fabric.
I love how the ruffle turned out. I actually like the dress even more now. It's amazing how just a few inches longer, and I'm suddenly feeling more comfortable wearing it. 
I did forget how hard it is to work with knit if you are too cheap forget to get stretchy thread and a ball needle. (Wow, I sure confess a lot on this blog!)

This is just a side view for my mom, so she can see how big my stomach her grandson is getting:

 I also made a "cami secret" insert for the top. Don't know how well you can see it, and I didn't want to take a close-up picture of my chest (as voluptuous as it is right now). I thought it helped tie in the brown, and I've always had to strategically safety pin so no cleavage showed any way. A Cami Secret, for those of you who don't know, is basically just a little triangle of fabric that you snap onto your bra, and it covers your cleavage. I found some at Walmart, and I have loved them, so just used one for a pattern. These are especially nice when you live somewhere hot like I do, and you don't want to wear ANOTHER layer, so you hate when your shirts need a tank/cami under them, but you also prefer to not look like a hoochie mama.

Anyway, I love how it turned out so much, that I think I am going to try the same thing on my daughter's favorite skirt that she is growing too tall for.


  1. Thanks for the side shot. You are growing nicely, Zaxton. I have a couple of cami secrets (white and black) that I got at Walmart. We used to call dickies when I was young. I wear one of them at least once a week. Your dress looks lovely.

  2. I did a similar thing on one of my skirts, but it doesn't look at nice as your ruffle. You are just gorgeous (and brave-to take the tummy shot)! I have some cami secrets and love them too! I would love to learn how to make them myself. Is it hard?

  3. looks great! and thank you for pointing me to cami secrets--they look perfect. with 5 girls this is a definite must in our house.

  4. What a great idea. I think the "cami secret" is what ties it together perfectly. The brown is such a great look with the green. Great project!

    I have a weekend Link party if you'd care to join: