Thursday, September 22, 2011

Princess Party Games

(See Previous Post for Decorations and Party Favors)

The Games for the party were simple, age-appropriate, and most importantly: Princessy

When each girl arrived, along with her Princess hat, wand, and skirt, she also had a princess crown to decorate with sticker gems, and color with markers.

We used those crowns for a fun game of "Pin the Crown on the Princess"

We decided that there was a tie, so two Princesses got to choose a jewel from the Royal Treasury (These were ring pops that I had re-packaged in clear cellophane bags and silver ribbon)

The poster was made from this picture that I took to Sam's Club and had made into a 20x30 inch poster. I had the option to put text on it. All I could think of was her name, and age 4. Later I thought that I should have had it say "Pin the Crown on the Princess"
It cost about $8.00 I think.

We had also used this same picture for her invitations. (Which I can't put a picture of because my camera battery charger is lost...)

Funny story: The dad of one of the girls who was invited went up to my niece at church on Sunday and said, "I saw your picture on an invitation. You looked so pretty all dressed up like Cinderella!" She just stared at him. I guess they do look a lot alike. (She's the one on the left. Other cousin is on the right)

The next game was my daughter's favorite: Duck, duck, goose. Except we played it, "Frog, frog, Prince!"

Then we tried to play "Princess may I?" (just like Mother May I). I was the princess, although around these parts, I'm usually referred to as "The Queen"

The only ones who really understood it were the 5 year olds... and it was getting hot, so we went back inside and played "Musical Thrones" to the sound of Ariel singing.

The girls had a great time. With those classic games (I remember playing them at parties when I was a little girl) you really don't need expensive party venues.


  1. So cute! Maybe someday I'll get to throw a princess party.

  2. Nice way of incorporating the games into the theme! Having a princess themed birthday party is a great idea to make your daughter and her friends feel like a princess for a day. The decorations, invitations, and activities you could do are endless. Having the right princess party supplies can add more fun and excitement for the special birthday girl!