Monday, October 10, 2011

Princess Cinderella Cake

Here is the inspiration for the cake: Look at the carriage in the bottom right hand corner:
That's what we decided to make the cake look like
The white pumpkin carriage, with curly golden wheels. My daughter also wanted a little Cinderella doll cake. We used a polly pocket doll (who had already lost her legs anyway)

As usual, I was down to the last minute on the cake. I tend to do that a lot. I get so busy with all the other preparations for the party, I don't give myself enough time to really do the cake well. So, I didn't make the fondant in advance like I should have so that the wheels could have hardened more. And late at night, knowing that the party was the next morning, I was trying to put on the finishing touches. Try to ignore how I could NOT get those icing loops to look right AT ALL. (Note to self: No making cakes after bed time)

I made the skirt for the doll out of the Pampered Chef 1 cup glass things. They are bigger than cupcakes, so are perfect sized. You could probably use a tea cup if you didn't have those. I had made 2 so I would have an extra. I used the extra one, after dousing with chocolate frosting, to put a castle on. This was left from a cake my oldest daughter had a few years ago (yes, I save those crazy things.)

I wanted to make it look like the castle was in the distance:
So we put the castle on another cake stand with chocolate cupcakes, and put it behind it. (the slipper is also from a polly pocket)

So, if you look with a cake decorators eye, you will see that I made a lot of mistakes...
Now close your eyes, imagine that you are a 4 year old little girl... then open them and look at the cake again:
See, it's perfect!
We served the pumpkin coach to all the guests, and the doll cake got to be her very own.


  1. I don't know how you can stand to let people eat those cakes after putting so much work into them. I would freeze it and make Mikira use it year after year. That is amazing and I see no flaws at all.

  2. Thanks Heather. You are my best fan.

  3. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! It is beautiful!

  4. I think you made your princess very happy! I'm wondering what kind of a cake your new dog is going to want for his birthday. What kind of a party are you going to throw?

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