Thursday, September 15, 2011

PRINCESS PARTY with (#28) Sixteen Princess Tutus and (#29) about that many Princess Party Hats & (#30) A Happy Birthday Banner

My little girl turned 4 this past month, and wanted a Princess Party. Our theme was a pretty generic pink princessy theme, but also a little bit Cinderella.
And it was full of lots of fun projects. I try not to go overboard on birthdays and spend a lot of money, but we love birthday parties in this family, so we also try to make it special. I think I found a pretty good balance here.
I'll start with the tutu skirts I made. I made 16...

That's right- 16!

These are super easy, and thank goodness, because I had a crazy week (kids started back to school, I taught a Relief Society class on gardening, went to 3 doctors appointments, baked a cake, a bunch of cookies, made princess hats, and oh, ya! I threw a Princess Party with 13 little 4 year old princesses!)
We put them over each chair. I had 3 little tables, but had to borrow some little chairs to make it 4-year old sized.

These just took 4 yards of pink tule, 5 bunches of pink flowers from Walmart, and 1 purple lei from Dollar Tree, (This would have been the best to use for all the flowers, but they only had 1 in a color that would work for this) and 8 yards of elastic.
Total Cost: $13.85
Total time: About 4-5 hours.
Totally Worth It!

I got RSVP's for a total of 13 girls, so we had a few extra, in case some showed up who forgot to RSVP.

The hats were made (after playing around with paper to get the pattern right) with poster board, stapled and hot-glued together. Then I embroidered each Princesses name on pink felt, and glued it onto the poster cone. Then I glued tule in the top, and elastic at the bottom.

I'm happy to report that not a single hat got broken during the party. The only thing that broke was the wands I bought from Target. I guess they were made in China. Definitely not as well made as the skirts and hats.
After each girl found her chair with her hat, wand, and skirt, they got to try them on in front of the magic mirror.

The other craft project I did was this "Happy Birthday" Banner. I had made it a few months ago for a friends surprise birthday party (it has more close-up pictures, and some fun ones about how we moved the furniture around), and meant, and still mean to embellish it with some ribbons and stuff (and then take some better pictures for you!)
When I made it, I did it double sided so that when it wasn't a birthday, I could hang it in the little girls playroom for just a cute year-round decoration. It really works, since I used the scraps from the toy kitchen I made, the girls aprons, and the baby's quilt and bumpers, so it all matches!
The only other decorations we used were a few pink balloons, and a Princess poster for a game.


  1. Your "balance" is equal to me going completely overboard and killing myself in the process. You are amazingly talented and patient!