Friday, April 15, 2011

Hooded Towels, Project #21

So I had these towels and wash cloths in my fabric stash.... Because I planned on making matching hooded towels for my 2 kids. Back when I only had 2 kids (I have 4 now!)

So when my friend had her 2nd baby boy, I decided it was time to give these towels a life. I was originally going to make them primary colors, but I went with the citrus-y summer colors of orange and lime green.
So, a great new baby (and big brother) gift that cost me zero new dollars. Something I can cross off my project list, and look at how much room they are clearing out of my closet (that's a big gift bag, and I would rather take a picture of it, than my messy fabric/project closet!- plus you get to see my pretty baby in the background!)

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