Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Decorations

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Twice my birthday has fallen on Easter. Maybe that is why I like it so much. I love Easter decorations. I've always loved spring colors, and dyeing Easter eggs. We've been out of town for the past few Easters, so I haven't bothered to decorate for a long time. This year my 9 year old daughter helped. (She was really disappointed that the chocolate bunny wasn't edible!)
Please don't hate me for this, but in general, I hate stuffed animals. Those tacky little things can take over a bedroom or a playroom so fast, it's unbelievable. They sort of make a room look messy, I don't know, just never liked them.
But, I make an exception for bunnies. I haven't bought a single one of these, they have all been given to me.
Or they have been reproducing themselves in storage... you know how rabbits are!I almost threw them out during the move, but I thought they worked pretty good here on our massive piece of furniture.

We have bunnies hanging out all over the house:
But this one is definitely my favorite. Can you tell why? A hint: My Mother-n-law gave her to me when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. Ya, love that little tummy bump.
How ap-pro-po.
When I got out the boxes labeled: Easter, my 9-year old went through our hodge-podge collection of plastic Easter eggs and sorted them by color. (She does this with my sewing pins on my pin cushion, and her skittles before she eats them...) I found these little pails and put the same color eggs inside them. I liked how they turned out.
Almost as much as I like the little chicks I found...
So much so, that I hope they start reproducing in storage:
I've learned that for areas where things get knocked over easily, it's better not to go with glass. Baskets work better there.
Here are some pretty eggs hanging from the chandelier. My daughter was in the process of adding some carrots to it:
Here's my most recent holiday quilt: (It won an honorable mention at our last quilt show in Roswell)
And an older Spring Quilt I made: Usually it goes on the wall, but in this house it seems better folded over a quilt holder.
And the mantle: It could use some work, but it was fun... next year I'll make some things for it. Maybe a wreath...
Love these bunnies. My husbands uncle made these when we were first married. The one on the right has these huge jumper feet, wish you could see them.
And my all-time favorite Easter Decoration. So much so that I keep it up all year round to remind me...
Hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter this Sunday!


  1. SOoooo Cute Michelle! I am so impressed with your decorating skills. I love the eggs in the matching pales. And the eggs from the chandelier. Adorable! I think you've inspired me to dig out my decor.

  2. That looks so spring-y. Now I wish I had done something. I'm with you on the stuffed animals, but your bunnies are great.