Thursday, January 8, 2015

Another Pallet Project (Number 67) Go Cougars!

 So, after making the Texas flag/scripture pallet project , I decided that it was too much fun not to do another one. This time I had to tear apart the pallet myself (Ok, I had some help, but still...) and I learned why people stop making these things after just one. Oh, they are a BEAR to take apart!
But, so much fun to paint. This time I did a BYU one for my son's room. It was pretty easy. I was going to stain it a little, but I liked it how it was, so I left it.
We decided to just prop it up on top of his book shelf (these are also a bear to hang on the wall) and I think that's where it will stay.
And that reminds me... I still need to blog about the bookcase.

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