Saturday, March 9, 2013

Best White Elephant/Gag Gift Ever!

I gave this at a White Elephant Christmas party (life was too crazy that time of year to blog about it), but this would make a great April Fools day gift, or anytime you need a gag gift.
I actually got the idea from my friend, Paula. She had posted it on her blog about 2 years before, and I had been waiting to go to another white Elephant gift exchange party all that time so I could give this!
Finally got my chance last Christmas!

 So, here's all you do: you buy a Barbie doll. Preferable one wearing a swimsuit, and with brown hair. A blond would not show up the hair as well. Then trim off the ends of her hair, so you have a little pile of hair to work with! (These hairs do NOT need to be very long, I could have made mine a little bit shorter)

 Then you just glue it all over her legs and feet. I just used clear gel Tacky Glue. It did get a little messy on my fingers, but it just washes right off.
 You also need to glue some clumps of it under her armpits, and a little bit around her belly button.
 Yep, gross it what you're going for! I bought some disposable razors, and used some small hair elastics to attach it to her hand/arm. She's not a Barbie, without an accessory!

 I even carefully cut out the picture of the Razor from the package of razors, and attached it the Barbie package.
 Oh ya, don't forget to print off "Shave With Me" in a matching font and color on your computer, and glue it onto the package.
 When my friend made hers, she had a plastic package, which showed more of the Barbie. Since mine was a cardboard box, more of her legs were covered, so I carefully cut it away to show the feet and legs.
 I even cut the side of the box so you could get a good view (and also made it easier to attach the hair to her legs, without removing the doll from the box) I covered the "Choking Hazard" warning so it said, "Cutting Hazard"... can't remember the other thing I changed... it's hard to read, but I'm sure it's funny...
I also embellished the picture on the package by drawing hair on her legs, and armpits....
 Although I don't have any pictures from the party of the girl who opened it (and everyone else watching) the reaction was great. You want a total groan...

So, if you end up making one, email me or leave a picture in the comments.

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