Monday, April 30, 2012

Closet Cleaning

Ever since we moved into our house (which was August of 2010) I have had almost all of my sewing and craft and quilt things SHOVED into the hall linen closet. I was scared to open it. Things could fall out and hurt you. It was nearly impossible to find anything.
It was so bad, I was too embarrassed to take a before picture of the closet.
One day I decided to clean it all out. That meant emptying every single shelf. This was not a project I could tackle myself, so I had the help of two friends. After it was all emptied, I sorted through my stashes of fabric and other things. If I had fabric that did not have a specific project intended for it, it went into the get-rid-of pile. That get-rid-of pile turned into 6 bags of stuff.
I gave away my serger because I had no room to set it up and actually use it. It went to a good home, my friend Maria will use it. I was happy she was so excited to get it. She immediately took it in to get serviced, and has started using it. I have no regrets about giving it away. Well, I guess I have one regret: Maria moved across the country...
 Here is the mess at the end of day 1:
The stuff I kept was all organized into Ziplock bags. (Did you know that they have these really cool ones that are 2 gallon size, and hold most quilting projects? Glad makes one that is 2.5 gallons. They are awesome.) Each project was put in a bag with the pattern, and all the fabric and notions to complete it. Those went back into the closet.

 I made a list of all of those bags of projects. There were 25. So, that means about 1 project a month for the next 2 years, and if it's not done in 2 years... well, then it probably won't get done at all and will have the same fate as those random things in those 6 bags...
But look how organized my closet is now:I even had room to put things like sheets and towels in it- like a real linen closet! The best news is: I finished the project for March! I haven't posted it yet, because it is currently being shipped to my sister-n-law and I wanted her to see it in person before she sees it on the blog!

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  1. I wish I had a closet like that! I keep telling Ben I want to buy an armoire to my craft and sewing stuff in so I have it more organized. I have this thought that if it was organized I would get more done...right?