Friday, September 21, 2012

What Color To Paint My Dresser

So I think it is no longer a secret that I am pregnant. Since I am almost in my 2nd trimester, my risk of a miscarriage has gone way down, so I think it's safe to announce it.
I am due on my 38th birthday. Yes, that is way too a bit old to have a baby, and yet there are lots of mothers having children well into their 40's. But my body has been screaming at me telling me that it's getting too old for this.
I can't do anything as much as I used to be able to do while pregnant. Having 4- YES FOUR!- other children to take care of in the meantime has put me in the crazy house more pressure on me.
What I am trying to say here, is that my projects will be fewer and further between.
That is Okay. I'm sure God didn't put me on this earth just to do projects. Sometimes I wish He had. That might be a lot easier...
Anyway, my husband and I walked through looked in our garage at the 7 pieces of furniture waiting to be refinished- including 2 dressers that will be even more needed now- and he decided to hire me some help.
That's right. He hired a guy who used to work for him at his company to come and finish my furniture projects.
I have mixed feelings about this. I love to do things myself. I love the process, and most importantly, I love to look at something I finished and be able to say that I did it.
I guess it's pride.

On the other hand, I feel a huge sence of relief. Some of that feeling of being so overwhelmed disappeared when he told me that he was hiring help. I'm afraid if it was all up to me, this child I am carrying would be graduating from high school before I finished some of those furniture projects.

But, it also means I need to make a decision soon.

A paint color decision.

What color should I have him paint this dresser:
 (Sorry, I wasn't going to move the lawn mower to get a good picture, cause you know, I'm Lazy pregnant!)

It was originally purchased to go in my sons room, but when we bought his bunkbed from Craig's List, it came with a matching dresser. So, this will definitely go in a little girl's room.
Can't decided between pink, white, and black. Or maybe green?

Here are some pictures of the youngest girls current room where it will most likely go:

You can see that it's mostly white, and light baby pink. (My oldest daughter has the bright colors!)
I was thinking the same shade of pink I did their play kitchen in:
...except that it almost looks white in this picture....
just imagine a baby pink. I think it's Behr Southern Beauty.

There is a poll in my side bar. I googled how to put it in the actual post, and it looked way too complicated. So, sorry, it's in the side bar. Please vote, and if you have a specific brand/paint color you recommend, (or any other advice!) please leave me a comment.


  1. Sage green! It will look great (remember our wedding?!)

  2. I am not the person to ask about color choices but writing styles on the other hand--that I have an opinion on and I love yours-you made me laugh!! Good luck with it all-after five I was never able to even get my kids clothes to dressers-we mainly lived out of laundry baskets-which come in a wide variety of lovely colors I might add!