Saturday, July 28, 2012

Avenger's Cake

My friend's son just turned 8. He had an Avenger's themed birthday party, and I helped make the cake.
Well, actually, I ended up taking over the whole thing. We were going to make it together, and then schedules got crazy... she didn't mind, though, and Isaac was happy with it.
 I haven't seen the movie yet, so I asked for a list of characters I needed to include. I have seen Captain America, so that was the easiest one to do.

 His mom told me that his favorite character was Hawk-eye, , so we needed to include bows and arrows.

 Also, another character I wasn't familiar with was a black window spider lady??... So I made a black widow out of fondant and piped on a web. Hope that was close enough...
 Thor's hammer was relatively easy (I've seen that movie, too, although I don't remember it very well)
 Love this view from the top
 More close-ups of Thor's hammer...

 I hope you can tell that that's the Incredible Hulk's fist smashing out of the cake
Confession: I got all character's represented except Iron Man... oops! Too late now!


  1. So Cool. You are my creative superhero. I love the hulk hand.

  2. Amazing Michele--you do awesome work.

  3. You did such a great job! What a lucky guy to get such a cake! Love the Strawberry Shortcake costume! My MIL used to make our costumes and do them early. You will be so glad when Halloween comes around and you are ready! Joni

  4. Cool cake! You really should see the movie. I liked it! (By the way...the Pow, Zap stuff is Batman, and he's not in the movie)