Sunday, August 21, 2011

(#27) A Brick Wall to Beat your Head Against...

LinkWow! This turned out big. It's roughly the size of my garage door. (Which is intentional) What are we doing with a cloth version of a brick wall? Here's a clue The paper ones don't hold up, so we decided to go with a cloth one. A drop cloth that is.
We started with a big drop cloth, 2 sponges, and 5 little bottles of paint.
A little hint: sponges and drop cloths absorb a lot of paint. We finished 1 small corner before we ran out of paint. At $1 a bottle, it was going to cost me at least $30 in paint...
So I went to Lowe's and they color matched the paint, I bought the cheapest flat paint they had, which was about $11/gallon. We used almost the whole gallon.
I used my electric knife (that fun wedding gift that I keep forgetting I have) to cut the sponges to the size of a brick. It was so easy. We didn't mark anything, just kept eye balling it to make sure it was straight, and left about 1/2 inch space between each brick.
Just dipped the sponge in paint and pressed it lightly onto the cloth.
It's so easy, a 9 year old could do it (and she did most of it!)

Besides the one the size of the garage, I also did 2 sections 3 foot-by-9 foot that I then sewed together so that they overlap. I also sewed a rod pocket into the top of each one. Hopefully that will help us to hang them when the time comes... look for a post the end of September to see what we do with them...


  1. You aren't even going to give us a clue as to what this is for....the end of Sept. is a long ways away!

  2. I know exactly what they are for, and, whoa, when you do something Michelle, you really do it. It will be awesome!