Friday, March 19, 2010

Projects in Process...

Last week at my quilters guild. I was given a very special, and well-deserved award:

Yep, I earned it. I officially had the most unfinished projects in my guild. That's right.
The Most Unfinished Projects- and that's among quilters who are notorious for unfinished projects. I had well over 40.

So, I decided just to give you a peek around my house at some of my works-in-progress.
Top Priority project is this wedding quilt for my brother-n-law (weddings in May, I need to get moving!):

Even my kitchen has projects in process. These are frosting flowers for a future cake:

This is an Easter Decoration I haven't even started yet:

Satin Hair Bows I'm making for my girls:

Poppies quilt hiding under my cutting table:

Desk I am re-finishing:

And, I've also decided to start posting every single little project that I finish! I want to see if I can finish over 40 projects this year!

As I was moving stuff around my garage, I stumbled upon an unfinished project that I had totally forgotten about. And in about 30 minutes, I had finished it!
So, here is completed project number 1. :

With these 2 flag decorations I am ready to go for the 4th of July (and it's still March! Woo-hoo!)


  1. Good for you! I absolutely LOVE the colors on the wedding quilt. I have plans for one in pinks and browns... if I ever get to it, it'll be really pretty!

  2. The wedding quilt is gorgeous! I'm still in Arizona, but you are motiviating me to get my act together when I return to WA! THANKS!

  3. Holy cow! That is a lot of projects. Like I've said before, I am impressed that you even start them. I love that quilt, love the colors and the pattern. Someday I am going to quilt again and then I'll have to get the pattern from you.